The importance of Authentic Australian Made & Owned

Papilio Therapeutics is the only Australian C60  business that is verified Australian Made  Owned. We are also the only verified Australian Made & Owned terpenes supplier.

To qualify to display the Authentic Australian made logo, a business must have its supply chain independently audited by a qualified third party, and must adhere to a strict criteria of product origin and process quality. Only then is the authenticity of the claim verified by the Australian Made Campaign and permission given to display their logo. A business authentically displaying this logo, will also have an official company profile on the Australian Made Campaign website; ours can be found here. To display an Authentic Australian Made & Owned logo, the business must also be solely owned within Australia. C60 and terpenes in Australia are emerging industries, that little to no regulation in place to ensure quality. It is important to understand the source of your C60 Australia and Terpenes Australia to protect your health. For more information on product quality, please click here.

In 2020 the world was gripped by fear, disguised as a viral pandemic. Papilio Therapeutics chose to shift focus onto the real impact the situation would have on our local economy.

With our hearts set on doing what we could to contribute to the rebuilding of local economics, we made the decision to certify our products as Australian Made & Owned. This means that not only are our products created in Australia, but our laboratory equipment, packaging and over 95% of our ingredients come from right here in Australia (the other 5% coming from North America), supporting local businesses in the process and keeping Australian money, in Australia. This increased our production costs, but we are firm believers that every dollar spent, helps contribute the to the future we want for our planet.

Almost all of us in first world countries have the privilege to contribute to the sort of future we have as a species. Where we choose to allocate our time, money and resources, forges the future. Australian reliance on cheap industrial manufacturing power of Asia, became a chink in our armour when the world stood still! To help fortify our business against setbacks caused by international shipping delays as well as keeping as much of our valuable resources circulating in Australia, we moved everything we could, back home, regardless of the expense.

The origin of ingredients of a supplement are incredibly important if you are genuinely concerned about your health. For vital information about how to tell whether your C60 is safe, please check out our article here. In addition to our products being sourced from and made in Australia, all of our ingredients are 100% natural and all of our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The time has come for business to shift focus from maximising profit, to maximising ethical and environmental sustainability.

What sort of future do you want to live in?

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