Study: Understanding the Impact of C60 Fullerene on Muscle Fatigue Recovery

In a recent study, researchers delved into the effects of C60 fullerene, a powerful nanoantioxidant, on the recovery of muscle fatigue in rats. The findings shed light on the potential benefits of this compound in enhancing muscle biomechanics and biochemical markers post-fatigue.

After a 5-day period of administering C60 Oil, the results revealed a significant improvement in muscle biomechanics compared to N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a common antioxidant. Specifically, C60 Oil exhibited a 50%–70% stronger effect in resuming muscle function after fatigue compared to NAC.

Furthermore, the study observed that the residual effect of C60 fullerene persisted even after the cessation of injections. On the first day post-treatment, the residual effect of C60 Oil was found to be 45%–50%, decreasing to 17%–23% on the second day. In contrast, the effect of NAC diminished rapidly after treatment cessation.

Biochemical parameters also showed promising results with the use of C60 Oil. The study noted a decrease of about 30%–40% in these parameters after 5 days of C60 Oil administration, compared to a 15% decrease with NAC. This suggests that C60 Oil has a more pronounced impact on the pro- and antioxidant balance within the muscles and blood plasma of rats.

The study highlights the prolonged kinetics of  C60 Oil excretion from the body, contributing to its long-term residual effect. This extended activation of the endogenous antioxidant system by C60 Oil may play a crucial role in muscle recovery post-fatigue.

In conclusion, these findings offer valuable insights into the potential therapeutic applications of C60 Oil in enhancing muscle recovery and combating fatigue. Further research in this area could lead to the development of innovative therapeutic agents leveraging the benefits of this potent nanoantioxidant.


The study can be viewed here :

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