B2B & Wholesale Solutions

Papilio Therapeutics supplies branded or white label wholesale services, world wide. We work with health industry practitioners in addition to retail and        online businesses. Whether you want to stock our brand, or design and sell your own, we can help. We are a flexible, family owned business; we can offer as much, or as little help as your business needs.

Why work with Papilio Therapeutics to build your business?

  • We cater for all order sizes
  • We can provide customised, organic terpene formulations
  • We can provide the only solvent free, Pharmaceutical Grade C60 in Australia (no need to display "research purposes only" like our competitors)
  • We can provide Pharmaceutical Grade Organic Terpenes, not food grade!
  • Your products can be blended, bottled and security sealed, to a professional standard, in our certified facility 
  • Access to our scalable production line, to facilitate your business growth
  • Streamlined "Australia Made" certification process for your products blended by us
  • Access to an established Australian organic ingredients supply chain
  • In house graphic design 
  • In house corporate strategy advisors 

For more information, or to request a copy of our wholesale catalogue, please contact us at ascend@papiliotherapeutics.com

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