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Founded in 2018, Papilio Therapeutics (Papilio) is an Australian owned and
operated, family business, that specialises in Carbon 60 (C60) & Terpenes.. The word Papilio, is Latin for butterfly. Although only one of
many meanings to our brand, the butterfly in this case, symbolises the
metamorphosis of human consciousness.
“the butterfly is the divine demonstration of the power within the
miracle of metamorphosis. After all, what is a butterfly, if not the
flowering of a caterpillar beyond its wildest dreams? After its
transformation, all that then remains is the participation in the
divine ecstasy of creation.” - Shaman Darpan
Through the genuine satisfaction with our products from close networks, including the undying support of family and friends, the
story of Papilio began to organically spread through the alternative
wellness community. Inevitably, undeniable evidence began to appear,
supporting the therapeutic of  terpenes and
the miraculous capabilities of C60; Papilio Therapeutics, still loyal to its
cause, earned its place as a trusted and respected facilitator of alternate
and modern healing modalities.



All Papilio Therapeutics products use 100% organic ingredients,
sourced from Australian businesses. All of our product packaging
and labelling are also sourced from Australian businesses and are
100% biodegradable and/or recyclable. Our solvent free, mono-
molecular, 99.9+% purity C60 is privately produced for us.