How Does C60 Work?

Carbon 60 molecules are known as free super anti-oxidants, and have the ability to  search out and attach themselves to free radicals in the body by donating or sharing an electron with them. Once these damaging free radicals are repaired, they no longer affect the area around them and the body can begin to repair itself. Due to the nature of carbon and it being the very building block of life, it is several hundred times more powerful than typical free radical scavengers. 

What sort of C60 do you use?

We use 99.9+% solvent free Carbon 60, privately produced for us. Our C60 is efficiently isolated by proprietary methods from the mixed extract of carbon soot produced by a carbon arc operated under a sub-atmospheric helium environment.  HPLC analysis is conducted on each batch and indicates the presence of all fullerenes including parent oxides.   There are no solvents used in our process.

Where do you get your Terpenes from?

Our organic terpene isolates are of the highest purity are botanically extracted, from various organic plant material. They are not extracted from cannabis.

What sort of hemp seed oil do you use?

We use cold pressed, virgin organic hemp seed oil, grown in Australia. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the Hemp plant and only contains trace elements of CBD and THC. The cannabinoid content of our hemp seed oil is compliant with all regulations.



Can I give these to my pet?


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally and delivery is usually within 1-2 weeks depending on where in the world you are.


Why are Papilio Therapeutics C60  a superior product?

We have developed a proprietary method of C60 blending, allowing for more carbon molecule saturation per millilitre than many suppliers. Our BIO-PHARMA GRADE C60 is solvent free and privately produced for us, before being blended in our state of the art, certified facilities, here in Australia. Because of the high concentration of C60 p/ml, significantly less oil than competitor products  is required to achieve desired effects.




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