How to know if your C60 oil is safe

C60, it is the magic molecule causing international excitement in the supplement industry. Every day, a new business appears, selling the same molecule, with their own unique spin on its properties. Some sell bottles that are 100ml, some sell bottles that are 30ml. Some sell it in olive oil, some sell it in coconut and others hemp. Some are ‘mixed with love’ some are blended using the “Original Baati Method”. So what’s the difference in all these products? Why are some expensive and others cheap?

 Not all C60 is created equal.

Unfortunately, buying good quality C60 is not as simple as figuring out which brand gets you the most millilitres of oil per dollar. There are serious health factors that must be considered before choosing which C60 to order.

Firstly, before things get serious, it doesn’t matter what sort of oil the C60 is in. The daily dose of the oil is so small that unless you had a serious deficiency of some form of essential nutrient, you won’t notice the difference. C60 oils are taken for the C60 molecules in the oil, not the oil itself. The Papilio Therapeutics Research and Development Team tested countless varieties of food oils and found that by using our proprietary encapsulation method, we could achieve 1mg/ml of C60/oil in all of them. Our high quality organic oils and UV proof glass bottles also allow for extended shelf life of our products. Papilio Therapeutics offers two options of C60 oil: Hemp-C60 and Olive-C60. We selected these oils to provide taste variety for our valued customers; that’s it. However, our Cannabis Terpenes are blended with Hemp Oil, for reasons that will be discussed in a future article.  

Now, the important stuff. Why are some C60 oils cheaper than others? Simple:

Cheap C60 Oil = Cheap C60 powder

Why are some C60 powders cheaper than others?

Cheap C60 powder = Solvent Contaminated C60 powder

What is a solvent? Solvents are toxic chemicals that cause severe damage to the human body. Solvents are used in some C60 powders, to remove excess soot or other contaminants that appear during the manufacturing process. C60 contaminated with solvents is generally used for industrial purposes, such as mechanical lubricants and can be purchased for less than 1/8 of the cost of solvent free C60 powder. It often forms clusters and therefore has a significantly lower level of bioavailability than high quality C60. The majority of this cheap C60 is manufactured in China.

Often companies will claim that their C60 has gone through a vacuum oven drying process to remove solvents. This is a half-truth. This process removes most detectable solvents from the soot, but trace elements still remain. These trace elements will have extremely harmful effects on your health, as they accumulate in the body and damage the brain and central nervous system over time.

Your C60 supplier should have contact information easily available on their website. That was you can easily enquire with them about the information presented in this article. 

It is very easy to identify cheap C60: “For Research Purposes”, or similar wording, is used on the website and packaging. Another easy way to identify C60 containing solvents, is by the colour of the oil; If C60 Oil is purple, that means it contains the toxic solvent toluene. In small doses this may not be harmful, but the long term effects of purple coloured C60 Oil are detrimental due to the build up of toluene in the body. C60 Oil should be black, brown or reddish brown. 

Remember: Trace elements of solvents are still toxic!

Papilio Therapeutics C60 is for biomedical supplementation purposes. We use 99.9+% Pure, Solvent Free C60. There are no solvents used in our process. Our C60 molecules are monomolecular, which means they don’t cluster together and are therefore more bioavailable. Essentially, significantly less of our C60 oil is required to achieve greater  efficacy than cheaper C60 oils, that sell larger volume bottles. Our products are also Certified Australian Made and Owned.

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