The medical significance of Intention

You may have noticed that there is a step in the Directions, printed on the labels of our supplements (Australian C60 oil, Australian BCP Oil and other Australian Terpenes), titled Set an intention.

What does this mean? Why is it there? These are often questions that come to the mind of customers, new to natural and alternative healing modalities, such as C60 oil and BCP Oil in Australia.

Ancient & Modern examples

For thousands of years our ancestors took part in ancient shamanic ceremonies, some of which still continue to this day. For example, the South American vine, Ayahuasca, is purported to have healing effects so powerful that they can only be fully understood by others who have experienced its potency. With a reputation like this, it’s not surprising that people worldwide, continue to make pilgrimages into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest just to sit with the plant in ceremony. As fundamental to the ceremony as the plant itself, is the intention set by both the Shaman (Tribal Doctor) and the ‘patient’; it is the intention, that guides the medicine.

You may be a goal setter or a planner; you may have organised “To-Do” lists and weekly plans. These are all forms of setting intention. Setting an intention aligns your mind and body with your desired outcome. It is a subtle act of meditation, something everyone on Earth could benefit from.

Although our Australian C60 Oil, BCP Oil and other products may not be as ancient as Ayahuasca ceremonies, or as familiar as a “To-Do” list, we endeavour to spread the power of intention to the modern world.

But how?

Dr Joe Dispenza, a world famous Neuroscientist,  author and prolific influencer, as well as Bruce Lipton PhD, another internationally renowned author and biologist, have been broadcasting the effects of intention to the modern world for years.

Dr Dispenza reports in his best-selling books, multitudes of recorded cases of medical miracles, all based exclusively on the power of the human mind. After all, the human brain is one of the most complicated things in existence, and with developments in quantum technology, we gain a deeper understanding of it each day.

Bruce Lipton PhD features in a famous interview titled The biology of belief; possibly one the most remarkable interviews on the topic of intention. Mr Lipton shares many common threads with Dr Dispenza about just how medically powerful the human mind has the capacity of being.

Intention with C60 Oil, BCP Oil and other Terpenes

If the mind is so powerful that it can cure aliments, in some cases all on its own, it should be even more effective if it was aligned with something that actually contributes to your wellness.

The clinically documented healing capacity of our C60 Oil, BCP Oil and other Terpenes has been well understood for years. Combining the power of mindfulness with the potent capacity of C60 oil and botanical extracts is the perfect combination.

Therefore, the directions on our C60 Oil, BCP Oil and other Terpenes, are important!

We recommend deep breathing, before setting an intention. The positive effects of meditation and deep breathing have been extensively researched and documented by modern medicine, so we implore our customers to take advantage of them! This little act of meditation, before dosing, helps re-centre the body and mind. Once the breath is slow and steady, align the mind with your desired outcome, remind yourself: Why am I doing this?

In Australia, C60 Oil and terpenes such as BCP Oil, are rapidly gaining attention. If you are interested in learning more about these remarkable, natural wellness products, be sure to explore more of our website!

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