C60 Olive Oil vs Hemp-C60™


A topic of interest in the Carbon 60 / C60 Australia market today is which is the best carrier oil for C60 Oil supplements. C60 Olive oil has traditionally been the most common carrier oil, due to its historical use in earlier C60 in vivo trials. However, there is little evidence to support the efficacy of C60 Olive Oil over other C60 oils such as Hemp Seed Oil (HSO), Sunflower Oil and Coconut Oil.

The Australian C60 Oil market is saturated by C60 Olive Oil suppliers and has been for some time. This is not a reflection of a more effective C60 Oil, rather, an indication of a lack of advancement in the field of C60 supplements. The initial trials of C60 in vitro used a C60 Olive oil and were conducted in 2012. Ten years later, the technology for producing Australian C60 Oil has significantly advanced past the point of creating C60 Olive oil.

Papilio Therapeutics conducted a series of trials, including our creating own C60 Olive Oil Australia before selecting Organic HSO as our carrier oil for our C60, to create Hemp-C60™. HSO was selected for its well-known and clinically proven benefits as well as its capacity to effectively dissolve more C60 molecules per/ml than C60 Olive Oil Australia. The main benefits of HSO come from its high content of polyunsaturated fattys acids. These fatty acids contribute to:


  • Skin health
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Heart health
  • Pain relief
  • Inflammation Reduction

Although C60 Olive Oil has well known benefits, in comparison to Hemp-C60™ they are few and far between. The health benefits obtained from consuming Olive Oil are only experienced at higher rates of consumption than the typical C60 Olive Oil dose, and are therefore not applicable as beneficial in this instance. The health benefits of HSO however, can be experienced at as little as 1ml per day.

Additionally, the environmental impact of Hemp farming and production is significantly less than that of Olive Oil. The Hemp industry is making rapid advancements in all walks of life, from the health industry to construction and plastics.

After taking into consideration the health benefits, C60 saturation rate and environmental impacts of raw ingredient production, hemp seed oil was the clear winner and Papilio Therapeutics has used it to create our suite of products over C60 Olive Oil.

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