A hot topic at the moment in the global cannabis industry is the value and effectiveness of BCP, in comparison to CBD. The purpose of this article is to simply describe the similarities and differences between the two compounds and highlight why BCP oil is an exciting and legal CBD alternative, accessible by all.

CBD is an extract of cannabis and is only accessible through certain pathways in Australia. BCP, also known as Copaiba Oil, is an organic extract also found in cannabis, but can also be found in other plants like cloves and black pepper; therefore it is completely legal in Australia.

Both CBD oil, and BCP oil interact with the body in a similar way. Both oils have been a favoured choice for qualified health practitioners due to their outstanding anti-inflammatory, analgesic and mood regulating properties. For common uses, as briefly described above, BCP oil and CBD oil are often as effective as each other. In fact, due to the process of BCP oil interacting directly to the bodies CB2 receptors, and CBD oil interacting indirectly, it is often argued that BCP is more effective then CBD oil

Legal Status

CBD is a controlled substance in Australia. This makes it only available through certain, long winded avenues such as a cannabis friendly doctor. Although Australia is slowly catching up to America in regards to its Cannabis availability, it is still illegal to purchase CBD oil ‘down under’, unless through special circumstances as outlined above

Alternatively, BCP oil is legally classed as a terpene, not a cannabinoid. This makes it completely legal and accessible to the general public, without the hassle or risk which comes with acquiring CBD oil. It is for this reason that BCP oil is quickly becoming the most sought after alternative to CBD oil. Research now indicates it can even be more effective in some areas, such as interacting with CB2 receptors.

What does interacting with CB2 receptors do?

CB2 receptors help your body regulate is immune function and inflammatory responses. They also contribute to skin and bone health as well as multiple other facets of human wellbeing. Due to BCP oil interacting directly with the body’s CB2 receptors, it is quickly becoming a favoured alternative for Australian’s originally seeking CBD oil. CB2 receptors make up part of the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for regulating homeostasis. For more information on this, click here.

Botanical Extract vs Synthetic Terpenes

Humans have discovered ways to synthetically produce terpenes. As usual, these synthetically produced compounds have not been studied for their long term health risks. Synthetic terpenes are far cheaper to acquire then botanically extracted terpenes as they are significantly cheaper to produce. This has opened the natural medicine industry up to an influx of businesses looking to maximise profit by using cheap, synthetic terpenes over medicinal grade, botanically extracted terpenes, like Papilio Therapeutics. As a rule of thumb: if a terpene is cheap, its origin is cheap; If its origin is cheap, its synthetic. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of a company’s claims of botanical extraction, you can ask them to supply you a Certificate of Analysis, proving the origin of their product.

C60 + BCP oil?

That’s right, two of nature’s miracles in the one bottle. Our medicinal grade C60 has been delicately integrated into our medicinal grade, botanically extracted BCP pure isolate, then carefully blended through organic hemp seed oil. Our process uses no heat, and therefore does not damage any of the ingredients involved. Although this makes the manufacturing process more time consuming and expensive, the final product is of an internationally superior quality, that is highly bioavailable.

C60 is a novel drug delivery system, being utilised not only by the cannabis industry, but the pharmaceutical industry at large. Radioactive material can be placed inside the C60 molecule’s cage like structure, then with precision accuracy, the nanotechnology will deliver the radioactive material efficiently to the target area.


Although CBD oil is a fantastic supplement with remarkable benefits to the human body, it is just not readily available in Australia at present. This aside, BCP oil is growing rapidly in popularity in the USA due to its ability to interact directly with the body’s CB2 receptors, over CBD’s indirect activity.

If you are interested in trying BCP oil today, you can find some here.







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