The role of Free Radicals in viral infections, and why C60 can help

Essentially, free radicals are unstable molecules that cause damage to cells around them in an attempt to restabilise themselves. When there are more free radicals in the body than natural and/or supplemental antioxidants, like C60, the body incurs oxidative stress. Oxidative stress leads to oxidative damage, which causes DNA damage and puts enormous pressure on the human immune system. Recent studies conclude that the over accumulation of free radicals could be the core cause of all disease. 

A virus is a microscopic parasite, that generally lacks the capacity to survive outside of the body of a host. Once inside the body and eventually, the cells of a host, a virus is able to conduct the process of Pathogenesis. Pathogenesis is fundamentally the biological mechanism for the development of a disease or infection. 

The human immune response (immune system) is one of the body’s primary defences against viral pathogenesis. When free radical accumulation begins to effect the body, the immune system is over loaded with stress and cannot fight the intruding viral infection. 

During a viral infection, free radicals are rapidly produced in excess. New information on free radical induced pathogenicity has become of vital importance to human understanding of both viruses and how they grow. During a viral infection, a highly reactive free radical known as peroxynitrite is produced as well as increased amounts of oxygen radicals and nitric oxide. A recent journal article from the Kumamoto University School of Medicine has summarised evidence that shows: 

“The reactive nitrogen species (produced during viral infections) cause oxidative tissue injury and mutagenesis through oxidation and nitration of various biomolecules. The unique biological properties of free radicals are further illustrated by recent evidence showing accelerated viral mutation by NO-induced oxidative stress. NO appears to affect a host's immune response, with immunopathological consequences.”

So how can C60 help? C60 is the most powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger known to man. By dramatically reducing the amount of free radicals within the body, pressure on the immune system is reduced, allowing it to more effectively and efficiently defend the body from intruders such as viruses. Papilio Therapeutics has developed a unique range of Olive-C60 and Hemp-C60, which can help eliminate excess free radicals from your body via its anti-oxidant properties; this allows the immune system to operate more effectively.

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