Carbon 60 (C60), what’s all the fuss?

C60, aka Buckminsterfullerene, bucky balls or the magic molecule, is a radiation resistant, nanotechnology. This tiny fella, the most symmetrical molecule in existence, is constructed of 60 pure carbon atoms; it has been found to occur naturally on Earth and in deep space, as well as being produced by humans. This might take you back to high school, but carbon is a building block of life itself. It’s a combination of C60’s size, shape and molecular structure, that make this magic molecule the most sought after health supplement of our time. 

You might have heard of shungite, a mineral often used to absorb EMF. Shungite comes from a specific region of Russia, and for hundreds of years has been used as a folk remedy by being mixed with drinking water. Apparently, the rock leaked a magical property into the water that gave those who drank it incredible healing power and strength. Well, the search for evidence of this is over; the myth is busted. It turns out that shungite is loaded with C60 fullerenes, which lend their radiation absorbing properties to the mineral as well as leaking into the water and consequently into the body when consumed.

Now the science comes in. C60 doesn’t usually dissolve in water. It’s too hard, and basically, not bioavailable at all unless it’s gone through a special reaction, or, encapsulated in a liposome. Liposomal vitamin C has been all the craze for a while now, but a new champion, the bucky ball, now stands in 1st place as it is over 200 times more powerful than vitamin C as an antioxidant.

What’s an antioxidant? Well, it’s a substance that can reduce oxidative stress in the body. What’s oxidative stress? Well, it’s a potentially nasty process that the body undergoes naturally; Our lifestyle and environment are also having a significant and now unavoidable contribution to it. Oxidative stress is an imbalance of more free radicals than antioxidants within the body. Free radicals are basically molecules with unpaired electrons, those unpaired electrons then attack the molecules around them trying to balance themselves out. The consequence of this process is called oxidative damage.

Hair loss, skin conditions, inflammation, fatigue, arthritis, DNA damage, oxidative damage and other health problems are all caused by free radical accumulation.

Our body is an amazing machine, designed to sustain itself as long as it can. It produces a remarkable chemical called melatonin, which is usually secreted during sleep. Melatonin is our natural free radical scavenger, or, antioxidant. This is where things get interesting. While we were still ’walking around Eden’ (metaphor, obviously), the body would have produced a perfect amount of melatonin to balance out the free radical accumulation and everything would have been well balanced. But since falling from that level of consciousness, our lifestyle and environment are now filled with molecular sized terrorists in the form of pollution, harmful chemicals, alcohol and processed foods, to list a few.

What is more relevant, is our quickly growing exposure to harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). This is where it all starts to make sense. The pineal gland, a pea sized gland in the centre of your head, controls the secretion of melatonin. It regulates this process using a thing called the circadian rhythm, aka the sleep/wake cycle. The gland relies on light, a natural form of EMF, in order to regulate this cycle. Ever since the first man made EMF, we have gradually made it harder and harder for our poor little pineal gland to secrete the necessary amount of melatonin it needs to in order to combat free radicals. It can’t tell the difference between the EMF it was familiar with for millions of years, and the EMF coming out of our phones! With the mass roll out of 5G now under way and the invisible sea of Wi-Fi we unavoidably swim in daily, for a while there it looked like our species was basically doomed. 

Now back to our friend C60. In 2012, an experiment, commonly known as the Baati Study, was done on the molecule using rats. To cut a long story short the results were, its non-toxic, its bio-available when encapsulated in food oil, extended the life span of the test subjects by 90% and made them radiation resistant. This is due to the size and structure of the bucky ball. It’s so small it can weave between the strands of DNA as well as penetrate the mitochondria (energy hub) of cells. This is what makes it over 200 times more powerful than Vitamin C. Not only does C60 neutralise the free radicals that occur naturally, it’s so powerful that it can reduce the free radicals caused by our modern environment and absorb the harmful EMF we are swimming in! Not only can you use it, it’s great for our beloved pets as well! It’s no surprise that the discovery of C60 was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1996!


Magic molecule, more like Miracle molecule, saviour molecule or whatever you want to call it. We’re just happy it was discovered before 5G is everywhere. We’re not saying 5G is a bad thing; it’s certainly going to connect the world at lighting fast speed and allow for things like internet of things (IOT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop smoothly. But, we are saying that if people living near or working on phone towers are often getting cancer, we should probably start asking why, and making the answers more public. For those more interested in that statement, I recommend watching the documentary, Resonance – Beings of Frequency available here


It’s been possible to purchase C60 from retailers for a few years now. It is likely C60 made with solvents, which makes it cheaper to produce, has RESEARCH USE ONLY printed on the side of the bottles and/or is just a replication of the 2012 Baati Study method. I guess it’s kind of like only ever driving a 3 wheeled 1885 Benz Patent-Motorwagen, because that was the first production car ever built. Common sense takes over and obviously, new developments in science and technology have been made; Elon Musk has literally sent a rocket to Mars. Look at phones in 2012, look at phones now. Wouldn’t you think the C60 game would have improved too?


Papilio Therapeutics has developed a unique, propriety method for producing concentrated C60, with no solvents. We have also combined organic molecules from the cutting edge of medical cannabis research, called terpenes, into our range. Whether you want straight Hemp-C60 or Olive-C60 for the highest does of carbon, terpenes, or our fine range of organic cosmeceutical products, you’ll find them all neatly organised into 4 categories for you and your furry friends: Mind, Body, Skin and Pets. 



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