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1 month x Hemp-C60™ Super Antioxidant

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The ultimate lifestyle supplement

Hemp-C60™ is an anti-viral & immune boosting antioxidant, over 100 times more effective than Vitamin C. It contains a naturally occurring carbon molecule called Carbon-60 (C60), which was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for its discovery.

C60 is the most powerful antioxidant on Earth - Antioxidants neutralise free radicals!

Evidence is accumulating that most of the diseases that afflict humanity are initially caused by free radicals. 

What causes free radicals/oxidative damage?

  • processed food
  • heavy exercise 
  • metabolism
  • stress
  • exposure to chemicals e.g cleaning products
  • pollution
  • some pharmaceutical products
  • EMF exposure (WI-FI, 5G etc). 

By taking Hemp-C60™ will neutralise free radicals in your body, inducing homeostasis.  Your body will start to functioning at optimum capacity again, as it was designed by nature! 


Ingredients:  C60 (99.9+% Purity), Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Dosage: Fill the dropper to approximately half full and dispense under the tongue. For best results, use 2-4 times daily. This is high concentration, mono-molecular (not clustered together) C60 oil; As our C60 molecules are not clustered together, they are more bioavailable, therefore, you will not need to take as much of this, as competitor products require.

Results: C60 will work WITH you, not FOR you. Be aware of your body entering the healing process, be patient and allow the molecule to cause change - it affects everyone differently, so please listen to your body. The first night's sleep after taking C60 will be the first night in many years for some, where sleeping becomes a healing process (as its biologically intended to be!) not just to rest.  Although pleasant results are usually experienced after the first night on C60,  it should be taken for at least 2-3 months to experience its full effects.

Size: 30ml 

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