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Sleep + Pain Relief Blend

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  • Sleep Aid
  • Pain Relief 
  • Muscle Relaxant 
  • Anti-Inflammatory 
  • Boosts the effects of Cannabis

Our Sleep + Pain Relief Blend contains Hemp-Myrcene™. Myrcene is a natural organic compound found in the essential oils of several plants, as well as being the major terpene found in Cannabis. Myrcene displays powerful pain-relieving properties, along with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. Further, Myrcene has a sedative like effect at higher doses, which promotes sleep. Due to these effects, it has been suggested that Myrcene may have the potential to act as an alternate to some aspirin-like pharmaceuticals.

Myrcene also has an amazing property to lower the resistance across the blood brain barrier, allowing itself and many other compounds such as C60 and other terpenes, to flow into the brain at a much faster rate. This property makes Myrcene an excellent choice to combine with any of the Papilio Therapeutics product range. 

Myrcene is the compound responsible for the famous 'Mango and Weed' phenomena. The Myrcene in mangoes, lowers resistance to across the blood brain barrier when the fruit is consumed, allowing significantly more THC to pass through the brain, thereby increasing the effects of the cannabis consumed. Although Papilio Therapeutics does not support the use of cannabis out side of Medical Purposes, our Myrcene is much more effective than a mango in this regard.  

Ingredients: Organic Hemp-Myrcene™, Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Dosage: Half the dropper, 3-4 times per day. Myrcene can also be gently massaged into area of concern. 

Results: Generally experienced within 15 minutes. For long lasting effects, please read the label on your bottle carefully.

Size: 30ml (lasts 1-2 months)

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