BCP Oil Reviews

Have you heard the buzz about BCP Oil?

Research into the health benefits of Beta-Carophyllene (BCP) – a terpene found in many plants, including cannabis - has indicated that it has significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-depressant properties.

However at Papilio Therapeutics we understand that consumers are particularly interested in hearing about the real-life experiences of other customers. How has it helped those with painful arthritis, symptoms of anxiety, or wounds, for example?

The following BCP Oil reviews have been collated from our Google and Facebook pages.


Papilio Therapeutics BCP Oil Reviews

Amazing products. I came across Papilio Therapeutics by chance two months ago. I take C60 and B-Caryophyllene for severe arthritis in my neck which has been going on for ten years with no relief. Since taking these products I can finally function, which was impossible before. Matt has always been so helpful and gets back to me quickly whenever I have any questions regarding the products. Would recommend Papilio Therapeutics you will notice a difference in the way you feel.
Jackie L

I've been using the C60 and BCP oil for about a month. I've been experiencing consistent deep sleeps and I'm feeling calm and patient as I move through my day. This has made a difference to my parenting and even my daughters have noticed a difference. I've just ordered my second round and can highly recommend these products.
Stephanie Chiu

I've been using C60 Hemp Oil, BCP Oil & Integrative Facial Oil for the last 6 months. Keys points I've noticed so far are as follows:
  • Overall physically feeling better
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Took myself off anti depressant & anti anxiety medication & a continuation of better mental health
  • Facial skin has rejuvenated & looking tighter ( girlfriend's observation)
  • Lack of joint pain as I train heavy resistance exercises 5x weekly
The product sold itself to me. I'll never hesitate to restock as I'm beyond confident that's it's the primary reason I'm feeling overall better with a healthy diet.
Connor Johnson

Absolutely love these products! I ordered the Hemp C60 and BCP for my health. I had no idea my body could feel this good!! Thank you so much for your help. And it’s a total bonus being Aussie made - my parcel arrived within the week! Great to see genuine businesses rising, especially in the alternative medicine scene.
Mika R

I have been using C60, pain and sleep relief, and BCP oil, and cannot recommend these products enough especially for chronic pain & inflammation. I was taking very strong pharmaceutical products that sadly were not helping and now I use these pure products with zero side effects and feel confident and blessed that this company is the real deal 🙏🏼
Noela Murray

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