Hemp-C60™ Integrative Skin Ointment
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Hemp-C60™ Integrative Skin Ointment

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/in·​te·​gra·​tive/ - adjective

definition: combining modern medicine and traditional therapies.


Our Hemp-C60™ Integrative skin ointment is restorative cosmeceutical that contains a highly concentrated formula that stems from the heart of dermatological innovation.  The unique blend of essential oils selected, act as natural penetrators, allowing the C60 molecule permeate the outer layers of the skin. This integrative process directly neutralises free radicals from the surface cells of the body, effortlessly allowing our oil’s natural botanicals to heal and protect the skin in an uninterrupted process. The luxury ingredients in this creation have been specifically selected to nourish and harmonise with the sensitive skin of the face and neck area. The formula has a refreshing texture which is easily absorbed, leaving your skin moisturised, hydrated, protected and displaying a subtle rejuvenating glow.

Extensive testing has been undertaken on the use of fullerenes in cosmetics (1). The C60 molecule delivered topically is given the opportunity to directly neutralise harmful free radicals, damaging the health and appearance of the skin (2)

What to expect from C60 induced free radical neutralisation:

  • The skin undergoes a transformation, including lifting and firming action.
  • Skin appears more supported, tightened and toned, with a heightened feeling of tautness and suppleness.
  • Discolouration gradually fades
  • DNA damage in skin cells is gradually reversed
  • DNA damage and signs of aging are reversed
  • Skin is sufficiently moisturised
  • C60 Fullerene offers protection from UV rays

The formulation is Non-Acnegenic, Non-Allergenic, Anti–Microbial, hydrating and nutritious. Due to the chemical makeup of the organic ingredients, the Integrative Facial Oil contains:

  • linoleic, palmitic, stearic, and oleic fatty acids, ingredients that balance oils on your skin
  • vitamins A, E, and F, antioxidant vitamins that promote circulation and healthy skin cell growth
  • triglycerides, that nourishes and conditions your skin
  • cetyl esters, that conditions skin and locks in moisture


C60 (99.9+% Purity), Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Jobaba, Organic Rosehip Oil, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil

Application: A small amount should be applied directly to target area and massaged in gently. This may be used as a general facial oil or applied directly to more specific skin conditions. Before applying to skin conditions, consult your health care professional.

Frequency of use: The oil should be applied at once a day. Before initial use, apply one drop to the back of your hand and see how far it spreads, so you have an indication of how much to use on your face. The most common time to apply the oil is before bed, with out using any other products on your face; unless advised to by your medical professional. 

Results: Your skin will look, feel and smell better within 60 seconds of application.  However, for the treatment of specific skin conditions, including signs of ageing, please allow 1-2 weeks for the C60 to take effect.


Size: 30ml

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