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Appetite Suppression Blend

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  • Appetite Suppression
  • Weight Loss

Our Appetite Suppression blend contains Hemp-Humulene™. Humulene is a powerful terpene that binds to receptors in the brain that alter neurotransmitters in a way that result in a decreased appetite. This terpene is classed as an Anoretic, meaning it reduces hunger. Often, Humulene is paired with Limonene for customers looking to loose weight by burning body fat. 

Ingredients: Organic Hemp-Humulene™, Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Dosage: Half the dropper, dispensed under the tongue, 2-4 times per day

Results: Generally experienced within 15 minutes. For long lasting effects, please read the label on your bottle carefully.

Size: 30ml (lasts 1-2 months)